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Outsourcing to India: Here’s What You Need to Know

It’s a process wherein a company shifts certain business tasks to its center in a different country. It’s a process of contracting out certain business tasks and services to a third-party vendor located within the same country. Outsourcing enables companies to reduce costs on recruitment, infrastructural and training development by leveraging the expertise of external teams at a low cost. Outsourcing to India has been a popular and effective business model for companies to cut costs, achieve scalability for growth and tap into desired expertise for the past few decades.

It’s no secret that most businesses prefer to outsource their work to other countries to save money first and foremost. Major names like Microsoft maintained that coronavirus led to two years worth of digital transformation in just two months. More and more businesses would increase their digital spend to catch up with the future of tech. Most businesses are now turning their business model into a digital one and will be increasing their spend to stay competitive in the digital-first era. With so many numbers, outsourcing statistics, and studies pointing at the positive aspects of outsourcing to India in 2022, one should certainly consider the country as its next outsourcing destination. The latter, where several MNCs have their teams, brings quality data science skills to the table, experts say.

  • When choosing an outsourcing provider, it is essential to consider which timezone will work best for your business.
  • Looking to optimize their business models, businesses with limited funds would look forward to optimizing their business strategy.
  • Data entry experts Connect Center provides are not only specialized in data entry services.
  • The competition, however, has largely been for new customers rather than a fight over existing contracts.
  • For over two decades, India has been a preferred outsourcing destination by many western countries.

This blog features the top ten software outsourcing businesses in India, highlighting their experience and software development solutions. English-speaking professionals bridged global gaps, from customer support to back-end services and data entry tasks. Many companies based in the United States outsource their web development from India and other overseas locations, including popular outsourcing destinations like the Philippines and Vietnam. The main reason they do this is that they are saving money, taking advantage of India’s cost-effective solutions. One of the main reasons why businesses outsource to India is the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing services.

Focaloid’s solutions have been designed to cater to the evolving needs of speed, accessibility and problem-solving. In addition, the company has a solid background in building custom IoT solutions from scratch. In India, Grazitti Interactive is one IT firm that has been instrumental in making outsourcing evolve from a buzzword to a norm. They are an ideal choice for developing successful mobile and web content for your needs and queries at surprisingly reasonable rates.

Offshoring to India: Top trends, companies, pros, cons

Have a look and see why the latter option is a win-win situation for companies of all sizes. Thus, no wonder why worldwide technology giants like Google and Microsoft have their research and development (R&D) centers in India. Companies ranging from enterprise-level to young startups are outsourcing to India due to the easy availability of skilled resources. Considering the benefits outsourcing brings to the table, it comes as no surprise why big companies and startups outsource certain business tasks.

Over the years, professionals have refined their skills and emerged as the global frontrunner in outsourcing projects to India. Its success is based on an unwavering dedication to client contentment and a dedication to delivering exceptional results. The most recent offshoring statistics indicate that the IT industry is transitioning to outsourced suppliers quickly. Approximately 64% of offshore outsourced technology functions involve software application development. 51% of technology leaders outsource application and software maintenance, while 40% outsource their data centers.

Concretio Apps

Axis Bank, which has a 1,000-member-plus technology team, has been addressing the talent war by hiring people from smaller towns to work remotely. “When we started hiring freelancers under our GIG-A programme, we realised there are some countries where talent is available extensively. We also realised there is enough talent available in Tier II and Tier III cities. Hence, we are not in a hurry to explore talent from across borders,” says Rajkamal Vempati, Axis Bank’s Head of Human Resources. Outsourcing to India is a great option for businesses that have well-defined and mature business processes. If your company is in the early stages of process development, it may be better to wait until your processes are more refined before making the move to offshore outsourcing.

Legal Process Outsourcing

Below is the list of outsourcing services India can act as an ideal destination for. One of the critical legal considerations when ceo salary is data privacy. India has implemented data protection laws to protect the privacy and security of personal data. The Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB) is expected to come into effect in 2023, which will regulate the collection, storage, and processing of personal data by Indian businesses. It is crucial for businesses to ensure that their outsourcing partner is compliant with these data privacy laws to avoid any legal issues related to data protection. To ensure quality control when outsourcing to India, businesses need to establish clear communication channels with the outsourcing firm.

As in the U.S., Australian managers are contending with remote employees ignoring mandates to resume working in the office. Meanwhile, companies Down Under also face the challenges posed by increasing inflation, high interest rates, and a slowing economy. Opting for outsourcing solutions in India doesn’t always translate to cost savings. There might be additional expenses due to rectifications, misunderstandings, or unforeseen challenges in the outsourcing contract. Another aspect is the time zone difference, particularly pronounced if you’re based in the US, requiring work schedule adjustments and effective coordination.

Roots and Tech Boom

For example, the 12-hour time difference in India and the USA leads to the faster completion of work, which further leads to increased productivity with greater efficiency. To perform these high-end tasks, there is a need to understand the nature of business and the underlying technology. So, it involves a workforce that has advanced degrees and expertise in specialized areas. In such a scenario, it makes more practical sense for organizations to outsource. In addition to the software infrastructure, the Indian software industry has specialized knowledge and skilled software developers for the job. Also, since many of the Indian companies have been providing these services for decades, there is no need to worry about the quality of work.

Many businesses prefer to India outsource destination as the Indian software industry has skilled software developers and already has the required infrastructure ready. The steady growth of the IT industry is clear in the upcoming years as businesses need innovation, agility, and operational flexibility. Founded in 2017, GraffersID is a leading IT Staff Augmentation Company that empowers novel organizations towards high paced growth through accomplished developers. We strive to solve development team management issues for startups and help them focus on product growth using latest disruptive technology. The location and cultural fit of the outsourcing company can also impact the success of your outsourcing project.

24/7 Development Cycle

Initially, there were also many service providers from India that did not deliver high-quality IT services. However, as the competition became fiercer and the outsourcing market more saturated, there are now very low chances of running into trouble. Another reason why business process outsourcing (BPO) in India can work for you is that there are a lot of providers, both freelancers and companies, to choose from. The advantages of outsourcing to India vastly outweigh the disadvantages. What sets the Indian outsourcing industry apart is the ability to innovate and persevere even in tough times.

Ltd. and it continues to serve as the primary subcontractor for software development and service support for Telegenisys Inc. Companies outsource work when they are able to define work content, success metrics and take advantage of the economies of scale. With a helpful administration and good planning, Hyderabad has continued to attract international money. The government in Hyderabad has always shown its support for the IT sector, as well as a development stage in the city, to enhance infrastructure services. The city of Hyderabad is well regarded for its BPO, software, ITES, and product design offshore business operations.

They provide data entry experts who can sort any type of data within the shortest time frame. The data entry experts take care of the accuracy and perform the work with dedication. Since they are specialized and they have been doing the data entry for 10+ years, they have one of highest accuracy rates of 99.7% in the industry while the global rate is only 94%. A better approach is to hire a data entry outsourcing company in India to help you with the task. As with other outsourcing companies in India, Flatworld Solutions offers comprehensive services.

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